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Chairman's Desk

Stguru School will provide its students with a high class education by nurturing self-confidence, self-discipline, critical thinking and creativity which will encourage in them an enduring love of knowledge and the passion and sense of improvement, as well as responsibility to make a positive difference in the lives of others through their own actions and example."

is a Modern Group with innovative ideals. We believe that the purpose of education is to create a futuristic student community who are capable of doing new things to encounter new challenges, not simply repeating what others have already done and been doing now. The group inspires as the leader and serves as the navigator, for the learners to explore and discover new routes in the fields of science and technology, for the betterment of mankind.Four distinctive and distinguished Institutions make up Satguru School offering several academic options.

Quality in education is what makes learning a pleasure. Our Group strives to provide a professionally focused educational system, with fresh approaches to courses, introducing new ways to motivate their learners, make use of novel learning styles, introduce multiple intelligences, embracing global trends and ideas and to put it in a nutshell, making the art of teaching more exhilarating, enthusiastic and effective. The Group is dedicated to the concern of an environment of intellectual excitement and an educational climate that will stimulate both teachers and learners simultaneously.The Satguru School keenly encourges the students inspiring them to become dynamically involved in the pursuit of knowledge and the continuing use of their intellectual acumen as resp